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Some Services We Provide

On these pages are some of the services that we provide. Please call or email us for more information.

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Computer Networking

In both businesses and residential settings, networks are needed to share files, folders and application data. Many households have a need for a second computer. Homework needs to be researched and the kids want to play their games. A second system and a home network can solve some of the problems when everyone has something they need or want to do on the computers.

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Computer Repair

Is your computer malfunctioning? We can assess the situation and suggest repairs and/or upgrades that would improve the performance of the machine. We will fix the machine, remove viruses and or spyware, or replace parts as needed.

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Computer Upgrades

Adding programs, music and pictures to your computer can cause the system to slow down. Also installing patches from Microsoft increases the amount of memory need to run the Operating System. Upgrading the memory will increase the speed of the system. You don't have a DVD burner/player in your computer? Let us add one to your system.

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Application Development

Business may not be able to find boxed software for their specific needs. Specialized applications may be the only option. We can design and build an application to suit your needs.

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